MVMA has been partnering for decades with United Way of Greater St. Louis Volunteer Center to provide its members with additional resources and support for all things volunteerism.  Check out a few of the great resources the Volunteer Center has to offer:

You now have one quick and easy-to-navigate site to post, manage and track volunteer opportunities. Simply become an approved community organization and provide volunteers a simple and flexible tool that allows searching for opportunities by time, date, location, zip code and project type.

How It Works

The Volunteer Management Training Series presented by United Way of Greater St. Louis Volunteer Center is a comprehensive, four-session series appropriate for new staff and seasoned professionals, which will give you better insight into utilizing your organization’s volunteers more effectively.

Registration is $25 per person, per session and includes all training materials. Three training series will be held throughout the region in 2018.

Session 1 - Understanding Volunteering and Planning a Volunteer Program

Session 2 - Recruiting and Placing Volunteers

Session 3 - Orienting, Training, Supervising, and Recognizing Volunteers

Session 4 - Evaluating Volunteer Programs

United Way's Volunteer Center offers certification to local nonprofit organizations with well-managed volunteer programs. Certification is based on a set of nationally recognized standards critical to quality volunteer management practices.

By meeting these standards, organizations can enjoy the rewards of well-equipped, energized and committed volunteer participation in their activities. Further, certification helps encourage professionalism by recognizing that there are defined management principles that are required for the effective management and utilization of volunteers.

The Employee Volunteer Council of Greater St. Louis (EVC), originally established in 1983 as the Corporate Volunteer Council and reintroduced in 2015, brings business and labor leaders together to share best practices around employee volunteerism for the development and expansion of employee and skill-based volunteer programs, and promote the value of volunteering within its companies and throughout the region. Volunteer Center, with decades of experience in creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of today's business community, will provide staffing support to the EVC.

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