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Board of Directors 

The MVMA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the MVMA membership. The membership votes on new board members every year. Each board position is a two-year term commitment. A volunteer cannot hold a position for more than four consecutive years. Each year different board positions become available. The following positions will be open in 2020. To apply, you must be a current MVMA member and submit a headshot and bio to secretary@mvma-stl.org by November 1, 2019.  Once you apply for a position your name will appear under the position as a current applicant until voting has occurred. 


Current Applicants: Katelind Hosie

Program Vice President 

Current Applicants: Michelle Blanke 


Current Applicants: Stephanie McCreary 


Current Applicants: Ella Hungerford 

Workshop Programing Chair 

Current Applicants: 

External Communication Chair

Current Applicants: Meghan McCarthy 

Committee Members 

There are various sub-committees surrounding programming, membership and communications that you can get involved with. While not a full-time board commitment, these opportunities make MVMA sustainable. It truly does take a village and engaged members to recruit and retain diverse membership, create programming that reflects the needs and interests of stakeholders and members, and communicate opportunities for job openings and further volunteer opportunities. 

Interested in being on the Program or Membership Committee(s)? Just click the hyperlinked committee name, and email yourself involved!

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